Seminario / Seminar [20-04-2018]

Likelihood-based inference for power distributions
Ponente/Speaker: Héctor W. Gómez (Universidad de Antofagasta (Chile)).
Fecha/Date: 20-04-2018.
Lugar/Venue: Aula de informática D3.6.
Hora/Time: 12:00.


This paper considers likelihood-based inference for the family of power distributions. Widely applicable
results are presented which can be used to conduct inference for all three parameters of the general
location-scale extension of the family. More speci c results are given for the special case of the power
normal model. The analysis of a large data set, formed from density measurements for a certain type of
pollen, illustrates the application of the family and the results for likelihood-based inference. Through-
out, comparisons are made with analogous results for the direct parametrisation of the skew-normal

Key Contact: E. Gómez-Déniz.